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Meet The Owner & Artist of Western 70s

Loren Oldham

Howdy Cowpoke! First of all, thank you for checking out my  business. Western 70s began in July of 2019 as an outlet to express my creativity while also making extra money in school. I never imagined it could be my full time job , and for that I thank you !

As a born and raised Texan tried and true, specifically Mansfield, TX this is where my creativity blossomed. In High school and college I mainly focused on ceramics as my artform but as I grow better at something I start wanting to learn new artforms that will challenge me. ( you will see this in my artworks even today). So I ended up getting a job that consisted of teaching painting classes at an art studio called Board and Brush. That's where  a passion for painting began.


I grew up 20 minutes away from Cowtown this had a huge impact on my growing up. Going to the
Stockyards as a child to watch cattle drives and catch a glimpse of the enchanting fringe and fur clothing. To being 18 and running wild throughout the nights neon signs. Fort Worth will always be a place that holds some of my fondest memories. Personally I believe that's one reason that makes people enjoy my art and vintage clothing so much. It's a authentic representation of a place and lifestyle that so many people love & are intrigued by.

Although raised in DFW my family roots lie deep within the Texas Hill Country. Where the bluebonnets grow brilliantly & cactus poetically show their resilience against the relentless Texas sun. 

The Hill Country is where my love for wild western scenery was born. The culture, the landscapes , the wildlife. When I would visit my grandmother it felt like I was on a different planet, where hummingbirds sip nectar off your porch, cactus bloom big flowers & fruit, and deer eat out of your hand.

When you grow up appreciating a place so pure and simple it made me want to show and convince other people just how beautiful I think this western way of life is.

This feeling became overwhelming as I grew older.

Leading me to begin to produce artwork & find vintage western clothing that you now are getting to experience as western 70s , my passion project. 

I hope you enjoy the Western 70s experience.

Thank you for supporting my passion cowpoke.

- Loren Oldham


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