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Western 7os Custom Painting Menu

Custom Shoe Tips & Details 

-There is a 4-6 week turn around time from the day you place your order.

- A resistant top coat is applied to protect your shoes from daily wear & tare.

(your shoes will not crack or chip) 

-Please contact me if you would like to ship me shoes you already own, as the costs listed below include the cost of $72 canvas vans. 

- Rhinestones will be an additional charge of $12.00

-If you need your shoes ready by a specific date please notify me.

- Each order gets a one on one consult with the artist to perfect your unique one of a kind pair of vans.

Thanks cowpoke for your interest in my hand painted vans!

Customized Vans Gallery 

Wanting to make an order of 10 or more customized vans for your company or event? Send me an email and get a customized quote! 

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