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Custom Baby Vans

Custom Baby Vans


Are you looking to have the gift everyone gasps over at a baby shower? These custom infant vans will certainly be that gift ! 



- 4 to 6 Week expected turn around time from the day you place your order .

( If you need them done by a specific date please email me at )

What's Included in This Offer ?

- Authentic Vans Infant Size ( Valued at $33 ) 

-A One on One Consult With the Artist to Perfect Your Unique One of a Kind Pair of Baby Vans.

- 2 to 5 Day USPS Priority Mail Shipping. From the Day you are Notified Your Shoes Have Been Completed 

- A Water , Weather & Wash Proof protective Top Coat to Help Preserve Your Shoes.


 I sincerely appreciate your patience as this is one person hand drawing , painting and crafting each pair of shoes. Taking anywhere from 4 - 48 hours per pair. I ask that you please take into consideration that this is one person hand painting and running this small business.  I do my absolute best respond to emails as soon as possible. With that being said i do ask that you refrain from messaging me if you have not had an update from me before the 4 week time frame has passed. Please feel free to reach out after the four week minimum time frame has gone by to get an update on your shoes. I will be more than happy to share pictures and let you know how your pair is turning out. Messaging me multiple times a week unfortunatly makes it harder for me to not only respond to you ,but all of my other customers aswell. (all shoes are painted in the order that the purchases were made) Thank you again for being interested in my art I wan't every customer of my art to have an amazing experience , I can’t wait to design with you -Loren

  • Return Policy

    Once you have been notified and shoes have been shipped it is out of my hands and in USPS’s. *There are no refunds after the shoes have been shipped. * If a package is lost etc you can contact your local post office or mail carrier to collect the insurance there is on your package .

    A tracking number for your package is emailed to you as soon as your item has been shipped.

    Thank you so much for supporting my art - Loren

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